Thanks for your patience. I'm slowly getting into the world wide web making this page and it's all a very confusing concept for me.  I'll be slowly updating the website to reflect new items, thoughts, and recipes. Today I just updated the shipping prices to reflect the USPS shipping rates I'll be using.  


In development is the next flavor: Almond Apricot Cashew.  I'm really excited about this new flavor as one of my favorite combinations of nuts and dried fruit is almonds and apricots.  Only recently did I really come to comprehend the flavor profile behind cashews...especially when they are roasted!  Such depth to them.  Anyhow, as soon as my packaging is finished I am going to be really excited to offer Almond Apricot Cashew (name is in the works) in the same beautiful bag with a whole new color scheme to denote the different flavor.  


Tonight is a great night to stay in and relax with my husband.  I'll be cooking marinated beef with brussels sprouts, roasted cauliflower, and asparagus.  I'm not sure what dressing I'll use to season the quinoa...but it's my favorite go-to grain and I'm looking forward to a "meaty Monday" for Bradley, and a "meatless Monday" for me.