Well, there's so much good news to share and I'm going to start with a wonderful little fact....Local Eden Granola is now officially, gluten free!  This is a lovely way to assure friends and customers that we are doing our best to meet everyone's needs.  Protein from nuts, fiber from chia and ground flax, and now gluten free!  I am so excited...it allows for me to offer the granola to a much bigger crowd. 


Next up is Oxbow Produce.  The Oxbow Public Market is a major hub of local, organic, and artisanal products and restaurants. Oxbow Produce is a very fine store that sells locally-sourced vegetables, olive oils, and fruits from around the Bay Area...and delicious treats as well.  And now they offer Local Eden Peanut Butter Maple Granola!!!!!!!!!   Yeah, I'm so proud to be a part of their operation. 


Lastly, the next flavor is on the horizon.  It brings a nutty undertone with cashews, sweet-tart bites of apricot, and ties them all together with almond butter.  Not sure how to get anymore flavor for the punch, but I'm really excited to debut it in the next few weeks.  The label will work alongside the latest Peanut Butter Maple, and compliment it so that they both vividly stand out on your grocer's shelf.  Or even your kitchen counter!