In 2007, I met my husband-to-be while finishing culinary school. Our favorite snack was a particular granola that was incredibly crunchy and flavorful, but we realized it was much too sweet.  I was working at the Marin Farmer's Market, surrounded by the world's best produce and products, and could see that there was a need for a healthful snack that packed big flavor and endless energy.   It was then that I decided to make my own granola because it was important for us to know where our food came from and that it was healthy and delicious.

When I moved to Napa Valley and started a family, I knew catering was no longer what I wanted to do.  Bringing Local Eden Granola into people's lives was what made me happy.  As a result, I've worked on creating the most balanced, unique,  indulgent, and rewarding granola varieties I could. 

My goal is to make Local Eden Granola unforgettably delicious and a nutritional powerhouse.  It's chock-full of crunchy toasted nuts, dried fruit for chewy texture, chia seeds that provide omega-3's, and just a hint of sweetness from organic maple syrup.  A new and exciting fact: all Local Eden Granola is gluten free!

In our house my husband eats it daily with fruit and yogurt in a parfait. I make it a snack with creamy almond milk, and if my daughter and son can get away with it, it's always over vanilla ice cream!  And yet, my friends tell me they mostly eat it straight out of the bag as soon as it arrives!

Take the time to enjoy a handful of Local Eden Granola.  It'll keep you fueled and fulfilled!