Well, it's time...Covid has to end...doesn't it? If there was anything beyond the wearing a mask, staying close to home, and keeping my family safe (that I do on a regular basis), please tell me what it is!!!!

Even, tho Covid seems to be here for the long run, there's quite a bit to look forward to.  Spring has sprung in Napa, the mustard is flourishing, wineries are opening for in-person tasting, the kids are growing, and so is Local Eden.  More stores are now carrying the most amazing, organic, gluten free granola you can imagine.  So many people have gifted it through the monthly subscription club to friends and family that they can't see. My trunk is filled to the brim the 1st of every month...and I drive a Tahoe!

So, I just wanted to take a minute to thank each and every customer who has helped me to stay in business since the inception of this little idea, back in 2012. I appreciate you and am striving to always keep the granola the freshest, most delicious you've ever had.  

Join the club, have granola arrive on your doorstep every month...switch out flavors, give a bag to a friend, or store it up for your next road trip. That's what I'm doing because I intend this summer to be a ton of fun!