Well, it's been quite some time since I've written anything about Local Eden and the direction we are taking.  The summer was a blast, and while it still feels like we are in the middle of it (hello 90 degrees at 10:30 AM today, ugh) fall is upon us and so is inspiration!  


My daughter is off to preschool 4 mornings a week now and that is leaving me with a bit of time to focus on growing my company, testing out my new commercial kitchen space, and baking more granola.  Oxbow Produce has been such a wonderful supporter of LE and I'll be crafting more batches for them tomorrow.  This stuff takes time, y'all! There are some new prospects on the horizon with retailers who want to carry Local Eden Granola, too, which is so exciting!


The monthly granola club has really taken off with the creating of Cashew Almond Apricot.  It is an unique flavor combination of roasted almond butter, chewy apricots, and toasty cashews.  I think I'm addicted to the cashews alone!  It's so easy to join the club, and get a discount: just email me either via the website, or at localeden@gmail.com with how many bags you'd like to buy in a 12 oz size, and every month I send you your shipment, while you receive a $1 discount/bag.  It's been really successful for the folks who are currently participating and they are gracious enough to send on to others bites and samples to entice them!


Here's Amira with her bowl of vanilla ice cream and Peanut Butter Maple...definitely her favorite combo to date.