Thanks to my good friend and philanthropist Katie Shafer, I ended up with some really great photographs from her photographer, Lowell at Art + Clarity Photography here in Napa.  I certainly didn't know all the details going into the shoot from what I'd really want to how to make it work well, but they were complete professionals!  Lowell really understood my penchant for abundance, organics, and even the right lighting.  And with Amira up from a nice long nap and all dressed up we really got to have some fun. Who doesn't want to have Three Twins Vanilla Ice Cream with their Local Eden Peanut Butter Maple Granola?  I think I may have enjoyed it as much as she did!

I've added their new images to the website so you can have a more accurate idea of what's going into your granola, what the packaging looks like, and just how you'll receive it when you order via 


Thanks so much for supporting me on this journey and please welcome new CFO...Bradley!

Ha, he doesn't even know what he's in for!